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Chinook Engineering

Chinook Engineering, located in Sheridan, Wyoming is IML's research and development division. Chinook focuses on applied research and the development of innovative measurement technologies, especially related to environmental measurements.

The Mission of Chinook Engineering is to develop innovative technologies. Such innovations will be developed through a partnering model, bringing talented people and their ideas together, to create new and useful products and opportunities. Chinook has worked with universities, national labs and experts in their respective fields to accomplish this goal.


Chinook High Performance Flow Meters

Chinook manufactures the patented Streamline™ Flow Transfer Standard and Streamline Pro™ MultiCal™ System. These high performance flow meters are used extensively in air quality measurements. Due to its superior and consistent performance, the Streamline™ FTS has become the "standard" flow meter in the ambient air quality measurements industry. The Streamline Pro™ MultiCal™ System simplifies measurements while also providing traceable temperature and barometric pressure measurements.

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